Help Establish Barel's force


The deadly situation in the Negev has left us bleeding within the last few years,
and nowadays the massive law breaking introduced a new level of hell.
We decided to no longer suffer in the shadow, instead, we now aim to strongly change the matter of things for the better.


These days, we are establishing (with confirmation and collaboration of the police) the "Barel's force" named after Barel Shmueli, HY"D.


A regional warriors unit which consists of volunteers, that will serve as a force multiplier, aiding security officials in routine and emergencies.


These days we launched a funding campaign for the required armament that the unit will fight with.


We need your help, People who care, to assist the fundraising.


Each and every one of you is critical for the success of the campaign. The donation is recognized for tax purposes by section 46.


Donate now! Only together, we will succeed in restoring the feeling of security to the Negev.

To contribute to the establishment of the unit, visit


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Active reserve service
Weapon license

Thank you very much, we will be in touch